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"then the lord replied: 'write down the vision and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it."  - Habakkuk 2:2

In 2015, we began to reflect together about our church past and present, and our five years in the future.  The 2020 Vision came; and we wrote it down for all to see.  The following six Provocative Proposals make it plain.  This is the church we believe God desires for us to be:



2b's Worship is a dynamic and spirit-filled fusion of divergent styles, traditions, music and cultures.  Worship opens us to transforming encounters with Christ, with each other, and calls us to action.



2b believes mission is a way of life.  We discover and live out our personal missional calling.



2b is a beloved community, affirming, supporting and sharing life together.  We each have deep, accepting, personal connections within the church family.



2b communicates in ways that are engaging, comprehensive, and cutting edge, with relevance to a 21st century world.



2b believes in Christ's message of inclusion, justice, peacemaking, and reconciliation.  we engage the world in thoughtful dialogue on the most challenging issues of the day in a faith-informed context.



2b cultivates deep wisdom and courageous faith.  Rooted in the Biblical story and inspired by saints, past and present, we are faithful followers of Christ.